On September 10, 2012 the car has begun a 12 week restoration project to bring it back up to its former glory. Years of parking outside in the weather for work near a steelworks has taken its toll on the paint and bodywork, not to mention the existing scratches and other problems that come with being a daily driver. I have commissioned Wally's Panel & Paint to do the work, which will include a bare metal respray, rust & dent repair, glass replacement, as well as plenty of other fixes and modifications too long to list. I will be keeping a blog and photo updates, in a similar fashion to the conversion page.







20 December 2012

Picked up the car today! It's all complete and looking fantastic. All the chrome is gone except for the Volvo slash and badge. Drove it home and parked it straight in the garage, but it was quite a fun trip, I almost forgot what it felt like to drive after 3 months.

A huge thanks to Wally and the crew at Dreamworks, they've done a fantastic job and turned this car into something special. Thank you.

17 December 2012

Spoke to Wally today and we agreed to black out the rest of the chrome around the headlights and grille area. The only chrome section remaining is the narrow strips on the grille slash and around the iron mark.

14 December 2012

Wally has fitted the quarter windows in and painted the frames matt black, along with all the other door frames and B-pillars. The section under the rear bumper has also been painted black as well as the interior of the boot. The tail lights are in and the number plate back on too. The mirrors, front and rear spoilers and bumpers are all in primer ready for paint next week. We also spoke about a few finishing touches and the car should be complete by Thursday.

12 December 2012

Picked up quarter windows and delivered them.

11 December 2012

There's been some hassle in getting the quarter windows, but they should be ready to pick up tomorrow to be delivered to Wally for paint and fitment.

7 December 2012

Paint! The body has now been painted and is ready to go, but the bonnet, boot, bumpers and spoiler still need to be painted and fitted. A new windscreen has been fitted, as well as a replacement rear window with (hopefully) a working demister. The paint looks excellent and is exactly what I was after. Any remaining chrome parts are now being blacked out as well. I will need to source new quarter windows as well since the current ones have the chrome strips on them, one of which is missing. I want the full blacked out effect so I will try to get two quarter windows from the donor car that supplied the doors and the rear window.

30 November 2012

The crew at Dreamworks discovered a few issues during the last preparations before paint, including some minor dents on the roof and on the rear right guard, so they are being rectified before final checks for paint. I delivered some new wiper blades, rubber window scrapers, door pin switches and wiper spindle grommets. Paintwork is estimated for early next week and the project is estimated to be finished by the 14th of December.

23 November 2012

The engine bay has been painted and it looks fantastic, I'm very happy with the colour and Wally and co have done a superb job on getting it all painted with the engine still in place. Just a couple of small areas to spray that the main spray gun couldn't get to and it'll be all good to go. The new doors are also on, albeit without glass or handles. They fit well and are already in primer ready for paint. The door jambs, lower sills and the outer areas and hinges of the boot area are also painted. I bought a second hand rear window since the demister in mine no longer works, and now would be the best time to replace it.

Next up should be the final checks of the body before full paint.

16 November 2012

Some excellent progress this week, with the engine bay starting to be dismantled for painting. At the moment everything is being taken out except the engine itself so that the best paint job can be achieved with the engine still in there. The rear-right guard repairs and prep is done, and the guard is in etch primer. The rear window is also out to help get a proper paint job done around the sills. New water channels on the roof have been fabricated to replace the rusted sections, and all rust on the rear quarter windows has been repaired. All four doors have been removed in preparation for painting of the inner sills and door jambs. The car is quite a mess at the moment with parts everywhere and a lot of things dismantled, but it's all necessary and full painting should be able to begin very soon.

9 November 2012

The rear-right guard has now been stripped and repaired, with a patch being placed on the surrounds of the fuel filler aperture since the rusty section there was rather bad. The other dents in that guard have also been fixed. The large rust chunk on the rear-left quarter window has also been fixed with a new piece welded in, and the rear wheel arch lips have been rolled in to provide extra room for wider tyres in the future. The underside of the spare wheel wells will also be repaired as they have some minor rust in them as well.

The inside of the bonnet, boot and new doors have been painted, so now there's not much to go before the body can be painted as well.

6 November 2012

Delivered a new fuel door to Wally that he can use in place of the existing dented and rusted one.

2 November 2012

Wally painted up a sample of Black Amethyst Metallic and it looks absolutely brilliant, so I've decided to use it instead of Daytona Violet as originally planned. With the change of colour there's going to be a considerable difference between the body and the engine bay, so I've opted to have the bay resprayed as well, but with the engine in situ. This may not be the best option but there should be adequate room to do a good job nonetheless. The rear left quarter panel is now in primer with rust removal complete and the bump strip holes welded up. All that's left to strip and repair is the rear right quarter panel and fuel door area which has some rust and damage from a small carpark incident some years ago.

The windscreen has also been removed so it can be replaced, and thankfully there is only very minor surface rust around the edges of the windscreen. The windscreen was one of the last original parts on the car and was definitely overdue for replacement due to 32 years of exposure to the elements.

26 October 2012

The welding and bodywork replacement under the tail lights is all done and now a very small amount of filler is being used to smooth over the welds in preparation for paint. The small chrome emblems on the C-pillars have also been removed due to painting coming up soon. The bonnet, boot, guards and all four doors are now in full primer ready for colour. Only the rear guards remain to be prepped before full colour painting can begin. Speaking of colours, I attended the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney on Tuesday and found a Jaguar painted in a fantastic dark purple called Black Amethyst Metallic (yes the name is contradictory - it's black in some light but mostly purple). Wally is researching whether we can get this colour made up as I'm seriously considering using it. I'll see next week what he comes up with.

I've also opted to retain my existing mirrors as they are smaller and more sporty looking, though I will probably try to get the mirror glass replaced in them as it has become discoloured over the years.

19 October 2012

New steel sections have finished being welded under the tail lights, with only just a little bit more to go on the right hand side. So far it's look very good and should prevent any further rust outbreaks from there.

The doors are also being prepped with the front passenger door being rubbed back in preparation for paint. I've been given the option of retaining my existing 262 mirrors or use the ones that came with the new doors, which are from a 90's model 244. I will decide on this over the next week.

15 October 2012

Great progress is being made on the left tail light rust problem, with the rusty sections being cut away and new metal pieces being welded in. A whole section running the width of the boot has been cut out, and a new metal piece is being prepared to be welded in as well. The spare boot and bonnet have been selected for use and are now in etch primer, as are the front guards. Wally also sourced an excellent set of doors from an '89 240 which we will use in place of the existing ones, as they are all too rusted to bother fixing.

I am still thinking about ideas for bonnet and fender vents. I know what I want, but finding something exactly the same as what I want is another story.

5 October 2012

The front guards have been stripped back to bare metal and the bump strip holes have been welded up. The guards are in good condition with only minimal repairs necessary. Some of the rust under the tail lights is being repaired as well - the worst of which is underneath the left light cluster. I also took down my spare bonnet and bootlid, and they seem to be better candidates than my existing panels, so they will most likely be used instead.

2 October 2012

The front guards, bonnet, bootlid and bumpers are all off. They have been stripped and sanded back to check their condition and whilst the guards are fine, the bonnet and bootlid have some filler in them which could be an issue. I have a spare bonnet and bootlid which I will take down to Wally to see if they are in better condition. So far there have been no nasty suprises, particularly with what was underneath the front guards - those areas are in good condition.

The roof has been stripped and is already in primer, and some other parts have been removed such as the windscreen chrome sections and rear aerial.

18 September 2012

Checked up on the car, but Wally is a bit behind with some other projects so no progress yet, but we expect the car to be stripped by early next week.

10 September 2012

Dropped the car off with Wally at Wally's Panel & Paint, and went through all of the requirements for the job with him. The time estimate is around 12 weeks, so it should be done at the end of November.

8 September 2012

Took some photos of the car down by the lake since this will be the last opportunity before the restoration project begins.


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