On the 8th of November 2006, the 244 has started an engine and gearbox swap to a Toyota 1JZ-GTE / R154. The 1JZ-GTE is a 6 cylinder, 2.5 litre, twin cam 24 valve, twin turbo engine pushing out around 208kW and 363Nm. The R154 is a 5 speed manual gearbox. Upon completion of the conversion, the 244 will be re-badged to 264TT-R.





Dyno Run Video - YouTube link

Video - Thermo fan test

Video - Engine start first time!



12 May 2007

With the 1JZ-GTE conversion now complete, all new updates will be added on the 264TT-R page, which is linked on the left. Thank you to everyone who has been watching and commenting during the conversion, and those who offered advice and help, particularly:

My family, for support and encouragement.

The boys at OzHotVolvo's, who always have a solution for any given problem.

David Luck for encouragement and technical help when needed.

Sam, Bobby & Steve from Figtree Auto Electrics for electrical help.

Enzo and Joe from Regional Auto Electrics for the wiring.

Rapid Exhaust Systems for the purring exhaust.

Peter from Peter's Smash Repairs for the engine paintwork.

and finally, but very importantly,

Stuart, Nathan, Paul & Daniel from Bezerkly Automotive, who have put together an absolute masterpiece from the ground up.

29 April 2007

Had the car put on the dyno at South Coast 4WD centre. I was very impressed with the results, as the engine is still completely standard except for the exhaust and intercooler. It pulled an impressive 171.7kW at the rear wheels. 

27 March 2007

Had the exhaust cannon realigned to sit properly on the driver's side. Car seems to be running fine so far, except for the idle-up motor which is still playing up.

22 March 2007

Had the car registered, and did some more final checks on the car. The idle-up motor may have had it, as it's not behaving on cold starts and not idling up under load (moving steering, voltage drop etc). Checked and cleaned it but there's little improvement, still being temperamental. But it's okay for now. Took the car home in the afternoon as the build is now finished, save for some small bits and pieces and the sorting out of any teething problems. Total build time was 19 weeks, 1 day.

21 March 2007

Paul and I made up a small bracket to hold the wiper washer bottle in place, and mounted it to the inner guard behind the air box. Also bought a new washer pump and ran two new wires to it. Mounted the clutch master cylinder properly and bled the system. There is improvement in clutch pedal travel, but no improvement in feel, it is still very heavy. Checked the car over totally to make sure it's ready to take home tomorrow.

20 March 2007

Took master and slave cylinders to Brakesmart, and took another look at it. Got an adjustable pushrod, but left the slave cylinder un-bored for the time being. Loosely reinstalled the master and slave cylinders, along with installing the pushrod and adjusting it to suit. Changed the bulbs for the number plate lights, and got two 2nd hand Michelin tyres for the front. Also purchased a small wiper washer bottle from a Laser from the wreckers.

19 March 2007

Had to fix up the horn today as it wasn't working. Was quite a tricky job as 27mm deep sockets are tricky to find to undo the steering column nut and pull the boss out. The problem was from a cheap solder for the main horn wire to the small spring loaded piece of metal which keeps in contact with metal no matter how the wheel is turned. Some solder and a little more mucking around getting the steering nut back on and it was all fixed up.

Brakesmart had a look at the clutch, and it seems like I will have to get my slave cylinder bored out to a larger size. I don't mind doing it so long as the clutch gets softer. I'll also need an adjustable pushrod to go from the pedal to the master cylinder, I'll get around to organising these tomorrow.

16 March 2007

Had Brakesmart fix up my leaking master cylinder, and experimented with a couple of ways to soften the pedal without changing the current setup as finding a larger slave cylinder has proven difficult, but to no avail, the clutch is still very heavy and there's a bizarre loss of travel, the pedal only returning to about half way. Will have Brakesmart look at it more closely on Monday.

14 March 2007

There is indeed a clutch leak from the master cylinder, possibly around the reservoir which needs to be investigated further, but the blow-off valve needs to be removed to take the clutch master cylinder out. Need to source a new clutch slave as well tomorrow. I spent the day fixing the bonnet latch and the cable release mechanism, as it had to be bashed open from underneath. Then it refused to lock closed properly, so more adjustment required. The problem is partly because the bonnet release latch fouls the top of the intercooler, so we spaced the cooler down slightly and it seems to be okay. Also got two new front tyres, a good pair of 2nd hand Michelins.

I finally got to take my machine for two laps around the block this afternoon, and all I can say is that it's a totally different car. I am extremely impressed by its performance. Pulls very well and just gobbles up the road. Though I will have to test it again properly when I get a new tacho installed, and hook the speedo cable up correctly. So far so good, though we'll need to check the idle-up control as it almost stalls out when going back to idle.

13 March 2007

Made a new shifter boot and surround out of some scrap metal and my existing boot. There's also talk of getting a larger clutch slave cylinder as the clutch is simply too hard to push down at times. Couple teething problems here and there with the bonnet release mechanism causing the bonnet to stay stuck closed, and there may be a small clutch line leak from under the car, but we'll have to investigate this better tomorrow.

12 March 2007

Found the problem with the moving clutch pedal, it's the result of a missing bolt holding the clutch side of the pedal box to the chassis, which was overlooked when the car was converted to manual for the first time all those years ago. A simple replacement of this necessary bolt and we're in business. The clutch has been bled properly now, and is very, very heavy. The power steering has sorted itself out, with the problem only being aerated fluid, which has now gone away. I also reconnected and mounted the air horn under the guard, and Stu and I replaced the bonnet. Also, the remains of the Soarer half cut were taken away to the scrapper.

Then Stu and I filled the tank up and took it for the first test drive. Just a simple run around the block, but in 3rd gear we started getting a bad grinding noise from under the car. Once up on the hoist we noticed the driveshaft was rubbing on two long bolts that stick down into the tunnel from the centre console. So the boys cut these bolts shorter, and problem solved. Unfortunately I had to leave for work at this point, but about an hour later I got a call from Noofa who said they took it for a proper road test, and said to me "this car is out of control!" The boost will be adjusted a little higher, though not too high (ceramic turbos have a glass ceiling of 14PSI). I still can't wait to have a proper go with it!

9 March 2007

Received the firewall-to-tower braces and the front spoiler from being painted, and mounted the firewall braces on the car.

8 March 2007

Paul and Stu got the power steering reservoir all mounted up, plumbed and mounted the charcoal canister, and connected the final fuel line. One of the high pressure power steering hoses had to be sent off to Pirtek to mate Volvo/Toyota connections, but other than that it all came together nicely. We threw in a few litres of fuel to wet the pump and get things ready, as the car is now 99% mechanically complete. Then, it happened.

It started.

First kick the 1JZ turned over and began humming beautifully. It's response is impressive, with very quick, snappy revs. The exhaust purrs and the thermo fans come on with gusto when required. It's such a different car to what I remember it as 4 months ago, to the day in fact. The engine is rock solid, none of the vibration and shaking of the B23 and the exhaust is a deep growl rather than a loud scream. I am extremely impressed with it. There is only one small bug in the power steering pump which causes it to make noise at full lock. We will have to see if this irons itself out after the first few drives. Also the clutch pedal has come out of alignment somehow and gets caught on the brake pedal, so we couldn't bleed the clutch system. We'll look into this tomorrow.

Stay tuned for a video of the first start which I will post up as soon as it's captured onto the computer.

7 March 2007

Picked up the car from Rapid Exhaust and took it back to Bezerkly. The new exhaust is on, however it needs to be adjusted as there was a misunderstanding as to how I wanted the cannon mounted. That will be fixed as soon as I get the car moving and on the road. No other major work was done today, although I spent most of the day picking apart the Soarer half cut to get it ready for disposal.

6 March 2007

Stu and I towed the car to Rapid Exhaust Systems to have the new exhaust installed. I prefer a dual outlet system, but for now it will be a 3" system, hi-flow cat, resonator and single cannon, though it will be made so a dual outlet/cannon system can be added later with minimal modification. With any luck it will be done tomorrow and ready to be towed back to Bezerkly for the finishing touches.

5 March 2007

Wiring is finished, with the fuel pump relay mounted in the boot next to the battery box. Also tested the thermo fans successfully, and they certainly move a lot of air. Now it's off to get the exhaust done in the next few days. I've added a video of the thermo fan test, it's only low quality (camera phone) but you can see and hear them working. You will need QuickTime to play it.

2 March 2007

Big milestone today, Enzo wired in the computer and powered it up, and we have spark, injector pulse, a purring fuel pump, and the motor cranks over (no fuel in it at the moment so no start just yet). The battery box and ignitor are mounted, new power lines run to the boot, alternator wired, thermo fans wired, and all of the dash gauges and warning lights wired up. All that's left is a fuel pump relay and a couple other little bits, including cleanup, and the electrics will be complete.

26 February 2007

Enzo got stuck into the wiring today, with a good portion getting done, and all other wires in the engine bay being put into neat conduits. We're removing all unnecessary wiring to begin with, and only installing the critical items. I'll install all my lights and other items later on. Stu also had a new braided clutch line made up and installed. No big problems so far, knock on wood.

22 February 2007

Car has been towed to Enzo's to get the electrics done. I also had to do some research on the ECU pin-outs, as to which ones go where and what they do.

20 February 2007

Sandblasted and painted the old driveshaft centre crossmember, which will now serve as a driveshaft loop, for safety in the rare event that the shaft breaks and falls to the ground. Also sent the firewall-to-tower braces and front spoiler to be sprayed in Daytona Violet.

19 February 2007

A couple things done today, I did some cleanup work and reinstalled the lights and grille, so the front end is almost back to normal. Stu installed the last intercooler silicone pipe, so that is now all complete. He also had a crack at the power steering reservoir, but it's made of tin so it's going to be difficult to weld up a new bracket onto it. We are having enough trouble removing the old bracket from it as well, as it simply won't budge. There's also a new fuel filter installed, sitting where the old external fuel pump used to, and the metal fuel lines have been shortened and new flexible lines made up to join to the engine. Just need Paul to help with one of them. Also need to work out how the charcoal canister will fit in and where its lines are meant to go.

14 February 2007

Stu and Noofa finished the lower intercooler mounts, so now the cooler is sitting in for good. Paul made the metal piping for the intercooler as well, but we are waiting for one more silicon hose to be delivered so the piping can be finished. Also had a new K&N panel air filter delivered and installed. I finished reinstalling the interior, all seats are back in and I bought a new shift knob and installed the shifter, but it still needs a boot to go with it. We also filled the radiator with coolant, the engine with oil and the gearbox with Redline Shockproof gear oil. Clutch line, power steering and fuel lines to go before it's off to the auto electrician on Monday.

13 February 2007

Another big day of progress today, and a HUGE effort put in by Stu and Nathan (Noofa), especially with all the fiddly parts in mounting the intercooler. Stu fabbed up new aluminium radiator mounts, as well as the top mounts for the intercooler, and started on the lower mounts as well. The cooler is all but installed, just need to do the metal piping. We also had to cut a couple of holes just under the headlights to accommodate the new pipes. An added bonus is the angled steel supports that surround the radiator, as they channel air that goes on either side of the intercooler into the radiator. Received the new radiator hoses as well, so that was a straight plug in.

I started on reinstalling the interior, as now all the tunnel and metal modifications are complete. The only possible thing left to change would be the shifter if need be. Interesting fact: after widening the tunnel, the air conditioning ducts that run along the tunnel and under the front seats to the back seat passengers' feet are very difficult to refit. We had to cut the plastic on the mounting points of the passenger side duct in order to fit it back on. I also had new sponge pieces cut for the footwells, and cleaned out most of the body deadener in those areas. The interior is starting to resemble a motor vehicle once again.

12 February 2007

Paul and Stu made the new radiator filler/cap today, a great piece of work that sits just off the upper radiator hose, welded to the radiator itself. They also made the radiator shroud & fans removable, with the addition of four screw points welded to the radiator. This way the whole radiator does not need to be removed if we need to get to the pulleys and drive belt.

9 February 2007

Fabricated the radiator shroud, and test fitted both shroud and radiator, it fits perfectly. Stu installed the air box on some custom bracketry, and fitted a radiator overflow bottle, borrowed from a Skyline. Also sandblasted and repainted  the headlight holders, to make them look the part.

7 February 2007

Started installing the clutch and flywheel today, so by tomorrow the entire driveline should be complete, and installed for good. Also bought new heater hoses and routed them appropriately. Interestingly, V6 Lexcen hoses fit our needs perfectly! Great pickup on that one Noofa.

6 February 2007

Received the intercooler, radiator and fans from PWR today. Paul also finished the tunnel, the only mods left to it would be to extend the shifter hole rearward if required. We may also have to change the shifter itself as 1st, 3rd and 5th will be close to the dash.

5 February 2007

Driveshaft was delivered today, it's a very nice piece of work, I don't think I'll be breaking it any time soon. By request, I've also added some pictures of my engine mounts. The driver's side mount is a complete custom mount using square steel tubing, whilst the passenger side is half custom, half factory Soarer mount. Both have been specially welded on for extra strength. The driver's side had to be specially made to clear the steering shaft, and even now it's still a tight fit. But the mounts are solid as a rock so it will be okay.

2 February 2007

Gearbox crossmember was made today, a very tidy job by Paul. The tunnel is still open, as it needs a little more modification rearward, to clear the driveshaft. This is around the centre console and handbrake area, so I am concerned about how the centre console will fit back in. It can't be removed as the power mirror switches are housed in there. Will have to look at it more closely next week.

The engine is now in for good as well. Also had the old heater hose holes in the firewall blanked out, and new ones drilled further to the passenger side ready for the new routing of the heater hoses. The driveshaft has also been measured up and ordered, and will be ready next week. It's going to be a 3" one-piece unit.

31 January 2007

Received gearbox and bellhousing from Dellow today. They have cast me a new bellhousing of the appropriate length, and initial measurements make it look like it will be okay. Paul will attend to the tunnel and gearbox crossmember on Friday, and hopefully PWR will have my radiator and intercooler delivered, as they were delayed this week.

29 January 2007

Picked up reconditioned clutch master cylinder from Brakesmart. Now just need to decide what type of line I will run to the slave cylinder. A braided steel hose seems to be the go at this stage.

25 January 2007

Today was a big day of work. Paul finished the sump, which required an extra one litre or so to be added, as that amount was removed when shifting the sump layout towards the rear. This also needed a new sump drain plug, as the new section is slightly lower than the original. So now the sump and pickup is complete, and the sump is back on the engine after being sprayed black. I also rubbed back the metal around where the welding is to be done on the tunnel and firewall. Very messy job, and body deadener is the worst to remove. But eventually it got there and the firewall has now been welded up and painted. Fingers crossed the mod was enough as we can't measure it against the gearbox, as it's still with Dellow having the new bellhousing cast.

Also, sent the clutch master cylinder off to Brakesmart to be reconditioned, as there's no taking it out without removing the engine/turbo assembly, so I want it in the best condition possible to ensure reliability.

Sorted out the heater hose routing dilemma. The original corroded pipes for the heater that come through the firewall have been removed, and the flexible hoses under the dash will be extended further to the passenger side, then out through the plastic plate on the firewall and connected to the engine. This is because the 1JZ stands upright and is totally in the way of the original pipes.

And finally, reinstalled the fuel pump and fuel sender into the tank, sealed the tank back up and reinstalled the tank into the car. Also ran a new EFI hose out of the tank.

Next week will see the arrival of my radiator and intercooler, as it was supposed to come this week, then the radiator shroud can be made, as well as the intercooler piping started. Hopefully my bellhousing will be ready as well, so my gearbox can come back and the tunnel remade and driveshaft ordered. After that it's electrics and exhaust and we're done. Not long now!

23 January 2007

Engine has been removed, and put on the engine stand. This will be the last time the engine comes out. The oil pickup has been lengthened, and the sump has been cut, ready for modification. The tunnel and firewall now need to be cleaned to prepare the metal for welding.

22 January 2007

Received the Walbro fuel pump in the mail today, I am using the GSS342 model. The kit contained all the necessary parts except for the wiring harness and connector. Sourced one from Figtree Auto Electrics (thanks guys!) and headed in to Bezerkly to assemble it. It's a fairly easy installation, the most tricky bit is cutting the metal fuel pipe about 10mm, as the Walbro unit is slightly longer than the stock Volvo pump. Then it was simply a matter of attaching a new piece of fuel hose to the pump and pipe and hose clamping them, soldering the wiring harness to the existing wires, and using cable ties to secure the pump even further. Engine is coming out tomorrow for the sump to be done, as well as getting the tunnel all fabbed up.

19 January 2007

Took gearbox and bellhousing back to Dellow to correct the length problem.

16 January 2007

Tunnel work started today, with the firewall/tunnel cut on the passenger side, as well as various places along the tunnel, especially around the output shaft, as it was just clearing the floor by mere millimetres. Hit another snag though, there is a problem with the bellhousing. The input shaft of the gearbox is bottoming out on the crank, with the bellhousing still 23mm away from the engine. As a result it cannot be bolted up at all. Dellow are now looking into it, and hopefully a solution will present itself by the end of the week. Some of the new sheets should be welded in starting on Friday, and that will continue through to next week including the sump and oil pickup. I also ordered a Walbro fuel pump today, should expect that by Friday or if not then early next week.

I have also put up my Soarer automatic gearbox for sale on eBay.

12 January 2007

Stripped the whole interior except for the dash so that the boys can make the tunnel mods starting on Monday. Got rid of all the deadener under the carpet as well. The fuel tank is also out, with the internal pump and fuel sender removed. I'll be purchasing a Walbro unit in the next few days and then that can be fitted back in along with the fuel tank. On an interesting note, I found a long lost small screwdriver under the carpet when I removed it, some 10 years it was there. Always interesting what you find when you pull things apart.

10 January 2007

Measured and ordered both the radiator and intercooler from PWR. The radiator is a custom size unit, while the intercooler will be one of PWR's Aero II range. These should arrive either late next week or early the week after. Work to make the gearbox tunnel modifications are set to start on Monday. There may be one or two places behind the handbrake that will require heightening to clear the new driveshaft as well, but those will become apparent once the gearbox is sitting in place on its new mount.

22 December 2006

Today is the last day of work on the car for 2006. Updates will resume around 8 January 2007 as the project continues once the boys at Bezerkly get back from holidays. So in summary of the work done so far, the engine has been completely prepared for install, the engine bay resprayed, engine mounts fabricated, gearbox purchased with custom bellhousing, clutch and other associated parts, as well as the gearbox tunnel prepared for cutting. In early January the new radiator and intercooler will be measured up and sent to PWR for fabrication, then the gearbox tunnel mods will be completed, along with (most likely) a new one-piece driveshaft and a Walbro 255L/h in-tank fuel pump. Then will come a brand new exhaust and finally will be the wiring to get the ECU and the Volvo wiring mated.

So until January, wishing you all a merry and safe Christmas, and a prosperous 2007.

17 December 2006

Definitely hit a snag, the bellhousing does not clear the gearbox tunnel, and the R154 is wider at the back so the tunnel needs to be modified somewhat. I was really hoping to avoid doing this, but it needs to be done. In the next few days we should be able to cut out a small section of the tunnel on the passenger side, so that the bellhousing and starter motor will clear it. For the rest of the tunnel it should be okay to just bash it out a bit with a big hammer.

7 December 2006

Delivered gearbox and associated parts to Bezerkly. They have mounted the engine into the engine bay on its new mounts, and is standing in there freely. However, clearance is very close to the steering shaft and clutch master cylinder, but should be OK. Unfortunately the sump and pickup will need to be modified, and possibly the gearbox tunnel due to the starter motor being in the way. That will be decided once the bellhousing is test fitted. These problems were avoided in left-hand drive 240's, as there was adequate clearance for steering shaft and clutch master cylinder being on the left-hand side.

6 December 2006

Picked up gearbox, bellhousing, flywheel, clutch and all other bits and pieces from Dellow.

30 November 2006

Engine bay has been sprayed, and the car is back at Bezerkly. Such a breath of fresh air to see the engine bay in good condition again! All that's left to come now is the gearbox and we're in business.

29 November 2006

The engine bay has been fully prepared for painting, and will get painted tomorrow. Should look really good once it's all done. Then tomorrow afternoon it will be towed back to Bezerkly so they can start the engine mounts and other bits and pieces. The gearbox should be ready on Monday. I've added a few pics of the car getting ready to be sprayed.

25 November 2006

Had the car towed to get sprayed this morning. Should be ready by the end of the week. I'm also having the battery tray removed, as well as straightening up a couple pieces of steel inside the bay. Hopefully the gearbox and the engine bay will be done at the same time so things can really get started. More pics to come in the next few days.

22 November 2006

The bellhousing has been cast, and the custom gearbox yoke is being made up. The clutch and pressure plate kit are ready, so it should only be a few more days before the gearbox is ready to be picked up. The new 1st gear thrust washer is still being custom made, so hopefully the whole package will be ready next week. We will see.

Also, looks like the engine bay will be sprayed on Saturday or next Monday. Will also need to remove some rust from the firewall too, but nothing too major.

15 November 2006

Began work to prepare the engine bay for painting. The engine bay is almost bare, save for a few wires and hoses that are unable to be disconnected. The engine bay is due to be sprayed next week, but in the mean time the engine mounts are scheduled to be fabricated. The R154 is still being rebuilt, and a clutch and lightened flywheel have been ordered. Hopefully those will arrive within the next week, so that proper test fitting can start, with gearbox and motor attached.

8 November 2006

The 244 has gone in to begin work on the conversion. The B23E / M45 is now out of the car and the 1JZ has been prepped for installation. It has new seals, water pump, timing and drive belts, filters and so on. The automatic gearbox has been removed and the flex gear taken off.

26 October 2006

Purchased a Toyota Soarer JZZ30 half cut with a 1JZ-GTE automatic. Brought it home from Sydney on a rented car trailer. The 1JZ-GTE is a inline 6 cylinder, 2.5L, 24 valve double overhead cam, twin turbo unit. Although often debated, it's the general consensus that the 1JZ produces 206/208kW @ 6200rpm, and pulls 363Nm @ 4400rpm. However, these figures are from factory on which Toyota have included a self imposed maximum of 280HP, so the 1JZ can be much more potent than these figures describe.



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