242GT in 2003


Specifications - 2003

Engine: 1979 4 cylinder B23E mechanical fuel injected.

Transmission: M46 4 speed manual with electronic overdrive.

Exhaust: Standard exhaust system and mufflers. 

Fuel System: Mechanical fuel injection, Bosch fuel pump..

Suspension: Standard suspension & shocks, strut top-to-firewall braces.

Brakes: 4-piston vented discs at front. 2-piston solid discs at rear. Standard handbrake.

Wheels & Tyres: Volvo steel 14" mags with 175/70/14 tyres.

Driveline: Standard 1030 differential and driveshaft.

Intake: Standard air box and filter.

Cooling System: Standard radiator, standard pulley-driven cooling fan. 

Lighting: Volvo standard lights and high beams. In-grille auxiliary lights. Standard rear light clusters.

Body:  Duotone silver and silver/grey, aluminium bumpers, mudflaps, aerial.

Instruments: Volvo R-Sport instrument cluster with speedo, tacho, oil pressure, volts, water temperature.

Interior: Standard interior, dark blue velour seats and carpet.

Luxury Features: Lumbar support, power steering, power antenna.

Accessories: Air conditioning.

Stereo: Standard Volvo head unit with tape.


This 242 had been in the possession of a friend of mine named Gus who kept it in his only garage while his 850 and Landrover stayed outside. He had wanted to completely restore it, but with the pressures of a growing family the 242 took a backseat. However, it was given a brand new dashboard and exceptional care over the years.  

I purchased this car on the 27th of January 2003 from Gus. It's unregistered, but is in excellent condition. Coloured in duotone silver, it's an original 242GT, mostly standard all round, a rare find indeed. As well as the great paintjob it has 14" mag wheels, 4-speed overdrive gearbox, air conditioning, power steering, and my personal favourite, a giant sunroof.

There is some interior upholstery work to be done, especially on the drivers door. It also needs a re-working of some of the electronics and gauges, but other than that it is fine, starts more efficiently than my 244 which I use every day.

It will be my project car which I hope to fix up over the next few years. In the mean time I plan to transfer the power-steering to my 244, so it is not wasted on a car that isn't going to be moving anywhere.

I'd like to re-spray it (haven't decided on colour), change the engine, completely re-do the interior, add an exhaust, lower it, perhaps change to wider wheels, and do a whole range of other mods. For now it has been dubbed "Rumble" - the sister to my 244 "Grumble."


Future Modifications

V8 Engine


Sports exhaust with side exit.

Full re-upholstery.

Sports suspension & swaybars.

Many more, but too many to list!


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