These are some questions I get asked a lot of the time. If you would like to ask me a question, please e-mail me.


Q. What does your number plate mean?

A. GRM:80L spells "Grumble" - a testament to the noise this car generates.

Q. How much boost do you run?

A. About 11psi, with no boost modifications. The exhaust has brought the boost up from around the factory 7-8PSI.

Q. Why a Volvo?

A. In a word, uniqueness. There are not many hotted up Volvos around, and I find them much more appealing than any popular tuner car. The tuner scene has reached somewhat of a critical mass where people are no longer impressed by the same cars, so I wanted something completely different. I also take a guilty pleasure in the look on other drivers' faces after a bit of spirited driving.

Q. How much have you spent on your 244?

A. I've kept every receipt for money I've spent on the car, but I'm too scared to add them up. Maybe it's best not to know.

Q. Go or show?

A. Obviously, I love performance. Over the years though, the car has become somewhat of an heirloom so at the time of writing (September 2012), it's in for a full restoration and will be retired from everyday driving once complete.

Q. What are you going to do with the 242?

A. It's destined for a restoration as a project to do together with my girlfriend, but like all project cars it comes down to time and money.

Q. Have you ever raced your cars?

A. I have taken the 264TT-R to a many Skidpan, Motorkhana and Khanacross events, though the 242 hasn't been in any events. I plan to go on hillclimbs and perhaps the racetrack later on, but I prefer the skidpan - much more fun.

Q. What is the power output of your 244?

A. The 264TT-R puts out 171.7kW (230HP) at the rear wheels in its current form. Check out the dyno chart here.

Q. Does it do good burnouts?

A. Yes! Sometimes it does them without me telling it to. The 1JZ-GTE is a very torquey engine, and spinning it up in 3rd is not uncommon.


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