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Tiby's Collection

Last updated: 20/05/2007

I will be putting up more pictures of my collection soon!

Please check back!

Here are some pics of my collection. Unfortunately I only have a small room to keep them in for now, but I intend to have a whole room for them and proper shelving and lighting in my next house.

Whole Collection (as at 20/05/2007):

 Whole_Coll_Portrait.jpg (1303733 bytes) Whole_Coll_Landscape.jpg (1292676 bytes)

Generation 1 (as at 20/05/2007):

G1_Front_Flash.jpg (1186986 bytes) G1_Front_Light.jpg (1044150 bytes) G1_Top_Light.jpg (1022594 bytes)

Generation 2 (as at 20/05/2007):

G2.jpg (244850 bytes)

Beast Wars (as at 29/04/2007):

Beast Machines (as at 20/05/2007):

Beast_Machines.jpg (877122 bytes)

Classics & RID (as at 17/05/2007):

Big-Uns (as at 20/05/2007):

Big_Uns.jpg (776566 bytes)

Armada (as at 17/05/2007):

Armada.jpg (494859 bytes)

Energon (as at 29/04/2007):

Cybertron (as at 29/04/2007):

Alternators (as at 29/04/2007):

E-hobby (as at 20/05/2007):

Ehobby.jpg (704697 bytes)

Specials (as at 20/05/2007):

Special.jpg (620203 bytes)

Star Wars Transformers (as at 29/04/2007):

Masterpiece (as at 20/05/2007):

Masterpiece.jpg (842350 bytes)

Titanium Large (as at 17/05/2007):

Titanium Small (as at 29/04/2007):

World's Smallest Transformers (as at 29/04/2007):