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Generation 1 ("G1")

Last updated: 3/9/2009

To make a purchase, please send me an e-mail.

Please include your address and I will quote you the postage costs (I have provided estimates where possible). Please include the item number and name in the e-mail.

Naturally I combine postage if you buy more than one item.

I accept payment by bank deposit, PayPal (for outside Australia only), money order, cheque or cash (pickup only). If paying by bank deposit please use the item number and name as your transfer reference.

PLEASE NOTE the conditions on the home page.


Condition Legend:

E = Excellent: like new

V = Very Good: some minor playwear

G = Good: some paint chips & scratches

F = Fair: More scratches, discolouration, heavier playwear

Accessories Legend:

P = Complete Packaging

T = Tech Specs

B = Booklet/Instructions


Postage Legend (Aus only):

S = $6.00

M = $12.00

L = $18.00

Insured = + $2.50


* Click on picture for larger view

Name Photo Allegiance Alt. Mode Cond'n Accessories Price Postage Item No.


Decepticon Deluxe Insecticon Beetle E Missing weapons $50.00 S 036
Battletrap Decepticon Duocon Truck/ helicopter V Missing gun, works $15.00 S 054
Chromedome Autobot Headmaster Racecar G Missing headmaster and weapons $15.00 S 072
Doublecross Autobot Monsterbot Dragon F Missing weapons, works $25.00 S 034
Drag Strip 102.JPG (534039 bytes) Decepticon Stunticon Race car G No accessories, sticker wear, paint on face wear $10.00 S 102
Drag Strip 114.JPG (537433 bytes) Decepticon Stunticon Race car G No accessories, sticker wear, paint on face wear $10.00 S 114
Fangry Decepticon Headmaster Wolf beast V Missing HM figure, weapons, shield $15.00 S 074
Flywheels Decepticon Duocon Jet/Tank V Missing gun, works $15.00 S 055
Freeway Autobot Throttlebot Corvette F Complete, works, but missing stickers $10.00 S 079
Jackpot 125.JPG (585628 bytes) Autobot Action Master N/A E Complete with Sights and gun $25.00 S 125
Jackpot 127.JPG (563066 bytes) Autobot Action Master N/A F None. Loose joints $7.00 S 127


088.JPG (591473 bytes) Decepticon Insecticon Insect V Complete, no stickers $20.00 S 088
Kick-Off 134.JPG (603750 bytes) Autobot Action Master N/A E Complete w. Turbo Pack & Gun $25.00 S 134
Misfire Decepticon Targetmaster Jet F Missing TM gun. Thrust nozzles missing $15.00 S 073
Needlenose Decepticon Targetmaster Jet G Zigzag. Missing Sunbeam. Missing tail. Some discolouration mainly on top $20.00 S 067
Quake Decepticon Targetmaster Tank G Heater. Missing Tiptop and tank turret $20.00 S 069


Decepticon Deluxe Insecticon Insect E Gun, missing shield $60.00 S 081
Scoop Autobot Targetmaster Bulldozer G None $15.00 S 040


133.JPG (486727 bytes) Decepticon Action Master N/A E Fistfight (missing arms), Tech Spec $25.00 S 133
Skullcruncher Decepticon Headmaster Crocodile G Missing HM figure, weapons, tail $10.00 S 066


130.JPG (638810 bytes) Decepticon Action Master Turbo Jet G Turbo jet, missile $50.00 S 130
Takedown 136.JPG (517969 bytes) Autobot Micromaster (Construction Patrol) Cement truck E Complete $5.00 S 136