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Beast Wars

Last updated: 3/9/2009

To make a purchase, please send me an e-mail.

Please include your address and I will quote you the postage costs (I have provided estimates where possible). Please include the item number and name in the e-mail.

Naturally I combine postage if you buy more than one item.

I accept payment by bank deposit, PayPal (for outside Australia only), money order, cheque or cash (pickup only). If paying by bank deposit please use the item number and name as your transfer reference.

PLEASE NOTE the conditions on the home page.


Condition Legend:

E = Excellent: like new

V = Very Good: some minor playwear

G = Good: some paint chips & scratches

F = Fair: More scratches, discolouration, heavier playwear

Accessories Legend:

P = Complete Packaging

T = Tech Specs

B = Booklet/Instructions


Postage Legend (Aus only):

S = $6.00

M = $12.00

L = $18.00

Insured = + $2.50


Name Photo Allegiance Alt. Mode Cond'n Accessories Price Postage Item No.
Airhammer Maximal Shark/ hawk V Complete $10.00 S 017
B'Boom Maximal Mandrill E Missing gun and missiles (x2) $15.00 S 016
Cheetor Maximal Cheetah V Missing gut gun $15.00 S 005
Dinobot Maximal Velociraptor E Missing mutant mask $30.00 S 014
Iguanus Predacon Lizard E Complete $15.00 S 004
Insecticon Predacon Beetle V Missing crossbow $10.00 S 009
K-9 Maximal Dog G Missing missiles (x2) & mutant mask $15.00 S 007
Magnaboss (Prowl, Silverbolt, Ironhide) Maximal Lion, Eagle, Elephant E Complete $50.00 M 012
Noctorro Maximal Brahma bull/ bat E Complete $10.00 S 001


Maximal Ram V Complete $15.00 S 013
Retrax Predacon Armoured Bug G Complete $20.00 S 010
Scarem Predacon Insect V Complete $10.00 S 008


Predacon Frog E Complete $25.00 S 011
Tarantulas TM


Predacon Spider/cycle V Missing wheel gun $25.00 S 006
Waspinator TM Predacon Wasp/jet V Complete $20.00 S 019
Waspinator TM Predacon Wasp/jet V Missing missile, one tail $15.00 S 020
Waspinator TM Predacon Wasp/jet V Missing missile, both tails, crack on right shoulder $15.00 S 021